AE Productions Client Testimonial

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Client Testimonials

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Enchantment Courier Client Testimonial

Total Funding Amount = $12,500

I found BIZDOC to be extremely helpful in getting extra capital for my business. They are a great company that truly does care about their clients and the continued success of their clients business. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking extra capital for their businesses. I would definitely use them again if have the need to do so.

​Hector M.

Total Funding Amount = $175,000 

While the staff at BIZDOC was always professional and courteous, I was most impressed by their patience. Every question I asked was answered timely and in language that was easy to understand. For that, Cardington Market is grateful and would recommend BIZDOC to others looking for business financing.

Lyn S.

Total Funding Amount = $10,000

I want to thank BIZDOC for having a one stop shop business service specializing in the financial side. At my time of need you guys were there for me. Everything from advice, submitting the application, to the most important money deposited into my account, and in such a timely manner.

Gustavo L.

Total Funding Amount = $63,000​

We successfully raised $63,000 through BIZDOC for our business. The service was prompt and handled professionally. I would recommend Bizdoc to anyone seeking funding who would also like to establish good credit with various Banks and Lending Institutions.

Scott N.